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InvenioRDM v10.1


Short-term support (STS) release

We're happy to announce the release of InvenioRDM v10.1. The release is a short-term support release which is maintained until v11.0.

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What's new?

This release includes translations of all strings included in v10.0 of InvenioRDM.

Upgrading to v10.1

To upgrade from version 10.0 to 10.1 you need to update your instance's dependencies and assets:

  • delete Pipfile.lock


invenio-cli install

Maintenance policy

InvenioRDM v10.1 is a short-term support (STS) release which is supported until InvenioRDM v11.0. See our Maintenance Policy.

If you plan to deploy InvenioRDM as a production service, please use InvenioRDM v9.1 Long-Term Support (LTS) Release.


InvenioRDM v10.1 supports:

  • Python 3.7, 3.8 and 3.9
  • PostgreSQL 10+
  • Elasticsearch v7 / OpenSearch v1 and v2