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Styling and theming

Change the look and feel of InvenioRDM to match your institution's visual identity. InvenioRDM makes it easy to add your logo, change colors and add your own custom templates for records, search results and basically any template in the system.

Custom vocabularies

InvenioRDM comes out-of-the-box with multilingual supported vocabularies for resource types, date types, creator/contributor roles, languages, licenses, relations types, affiliations and names. All vocabularies can be changed according to your local needs or can be imported from external sources.


InvenioRDM can load external subjects vocabularies used for classifications such as Medial Subject Headings (MeSH) and many others. InvenioRDM comes out-of-the box with OECD Fields of Science and Technology subject classification loaded.

Multilingual support

InvenioRDM is full internationalized and localized so that you can present the interface in the language of your choice. Vocabularies have full multilingual support. We might not have your language available yet, but you can participate easily in the translation and become part of the community.


InvenioRDM provides out-of-the-box a simple, intuitive and powerful access control system that allows for defining both access control on individual records as well as collection of records. If the current system is insufficient for your needs, you can fully customize the permission system (e.g. for IP-based access control).

Persistent identifiers

InvenioRDM comes with support for registering Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) via DataCite. If you prefer another scheme or e.g. supporting multiple persistent identifiers, then InvenioRDM allows you to extend it with your own persistent identifier plugins.