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Login via institutional account

InvenioRDM makes it easy to integrate your institutional authentication provider such as e.g. Keycloak, OAuth or can alternatively use e.g. ORCID for login.

Restricted records

InvenioRDM supports restricting access to files only or to the entire record.

Restricted records can be shared with peer-reviewers or your colleagues via secret links.

Embargo support

Restricted records can be embargoed so that they are automatically made publicly on a specific date so that you can comply with e.g. funders' Open Access mandates.

Logged in devices

InvenioRDM allows users to see a list of currently logged in devices on their account.

Security policy

InvenioRDM development process focuses on developing a secure product, and we have a well-defined and tested security policy for reporting, fixing and announcing vulnerabilities when they occur.