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Maintenance policy

Our goal is to ensure that InvenioRDM Long-Term Support releases are supported with bug and security fixes for minimum one year after the release date and possibly longer. We aim at having new major releases every 3-months, especially in the early life of InvenioRDM. We strive our best to ensure that upgrades between major versions are fairly straight-forward to ensure users follow our latest releases.

The maintenance policy is striving to strike a balance between maintaining a rock solid secure product while ensuring that users migrate to latest releases and ensuring that we have enough resources to actually support the maintenance policy.


Long-Term Support (LTS) releases: A major version release may be designated as an LTS release. Only LTS releases should be used for production services. LTS releases are supported with bug and security fixes for a minimum of 1 year and possibly longer. An LTS release is supported for 6 months after the next LTS release. Only the latest minor-level release for the major version is supported. Example, if v6.0 is designated an LTS release, then only the latest v6.X release is maintained, as minor and patch-level releases

Major release: Major versions such as v3 allow us to introduce new features and make backward incompatible changes and remove deprecated features in a progressive manner. Only the latest minor-level release for each major version is supported. A major version release is supported until the next major version release (except for LTS designated releases).

Minor releases: Minor versions such as v3.1 allow us to introduce backward compatible changes in a manner that allow users to easily upgrade.

Patch releases: Patch versions such as v3.0.1 allow us to fix bugs and security issues in a manner that allows users to upgrade immediately without breaking backward compatibility.

We may make exceptions to this policy for serious security bugs.

End of life dates

Following is an overview of future end of life (EOL) dates for currently maintained releases:

Release Earliest EOL Date Maintained until
v6.0.0 LTS 2022-12-31
v9.0.0 LTS 2023-05-24 next LTS + 6 months
v10.0.0 STS next SLS

End of life releases

The following releases have reached end of life:

Release EOL Date
v8.0.0 2022-06-01
v7.0.0 2022-03-03
v5.0.0 2021-08-05
v4.0.0 2021-07-23
v3.0.0 2021-05-28
v2.0.0 2021-04-28
v1.0.0 2021-03-26