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Source code

For development you need the latest master or main branch of the source code (name depends on the repository).

Following show you to fork the repository and checkout the source code.

With GitHub CLI

First checkout the source code from GitHub and get the latest master or main branch (depends on the repository which name is used).

This is most easily done using the GitHub CLI tool:

# with GitHub CLI tool:
gh repo fork inveniosoftware/invenio-app-rdm
cd invenio-app-rdm

With the previous command, we made a checkout of Invenio-App-RDM module. You'll have to adapt the command to checkout the module you want to work on.

Without GitHub CLI

Without the GitHub CLI tool, you'll first have to fork the repository on GitHub. Then, once you have a fork you can clone the repository and add the upstream repository remote:

# without GitHub CLI:
git clone<your username>/invenio-app-rdm
cd invenio-app-rdm
git remote add upstream

Repositories survival guide

The InvenioRDM codebase is split over a number of different repositories. Below you'll find a short overview over the most

Repositories overview

  • CLI tool
    • invenio-cli
      • Standalone CLI tool used to install and manage InvenioRDM.
  • Instance template
  • Application repositories
    • invenio-app-rdm
      • The core application (e.g. the site configuration)
      • Jinja and JSX templates
      • Views for landing page and deposit form
      • Frontend: deposit form, search page
    • invenio-rdm-records
      • Concrete implementation of the REST API by using most of the modules below.
      • Defines the metadata model (JSONSchemas, Elasticsearch mappings, schemas etc.)
      • Defines the concrete permission policy.
      • Defines a record integration in a community and request.
    • invenio-communities
      • Implementation of the Communities REST API.
      • Defines the community metadata model (JSONSchemas, Elasticsearch mappings, schemas etc.)
      • Provides features to Invenio-Requests specific to communities.
      • Views for communities pages
      • Assets for the communities views (Jinja/JSX templates, LESS files)
    • invenio-requests
      • Implementation of the generic request REST API. Allows other modules (like communities/rdm-records) to inject new request types.
      • Views for the requests pages
      • Assets for the requests views (Jinja/JSX templates, LESS files)
    • invenio-users-resources
      • Implementation of the users and groups REST API. Enables indexing and search for users.
    • invenio-drafts-resources
      • General purpose library used to build REST APIs for deposit interfaces.
      • Drafts API and versioning support
      • Used by invenio-rdm-records
    • invenio-records-resources
      • General purpose library used to build REST APIs for records backed by services and data access layer.
      • Core APIs for the service and data access layers.
      • Used by invenio-vocabularies, invenio-drafts-resources.
    • flask-resources
      • General purpose library used to build Flask views for REST APIs.
      • Core APIs for the presentation layer.
      • Used by invenio-records-resources
    • invenio-vocabularies
      • Concrete REST APIs for creating or loading smaller vocabularies.
      • Used by invenio-rdm-records
    • invenio-records-permissions
      • General purpose library for building permission policies for records.
    • invenio-records
      • General purpose library for building programmatic APIs for JSON documents with validation.