Welcome to the InvenioRDM project!

InvenioRDM is a ready-to-go, turn-key Research Data Management repository. It puts together the Invenio framework so you don't have to.

This documentation walks you through installing, configuring, and deploying your very own InvenioRDM instance. Furthermore, you can customize it for your needs and even add your own extensions! Follow the sections below in order to get a full picture of how to use InvenioRDM, or go straight to what you're interested in - each section is independent.


To get started with InvenioRDM, you will want to install invenio-cli, our command line tool for creating and updating your instance. This tool in turn allows you to easily install an instance and manage it.

> Installation Guide


Once you are ready to dive in and work on your own instance - that is, configure, customize, debug, and extend it -, you will want to setup your project for development. Various commands are at your disposal and we walk you through the workflow for how to be effective with them. We also cover extensions.

> Getting Started on your Instance


Ready to deploy into production? Follow these guides to put a small instance in production and learn the avenues to take and decisions to make to grow it. Whether you use Openshift or Kubernetes, we've got you covered.

> Deployment Guides


Read up on the internal metadata schema used by InvenioRDM. All fields are detailed here, so you understand what we store and how.

> Metadata Reference Document

Read up on the Command Line Tool used by InvenioRDM to bootstrap, install and manage the instance and its required services.

> InvenioCLI Reference Document


InvenioRDM is an open-source project that welcomes contributions. This is how we operate and how you can participate. Contributions don't have to just be code: we love feedback, metadata expertise, community outreach, translations and documentation too.

> Contribute to InvenioRDM