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InvenioRDM comes out of the box with facets for:

  • Access status (Open, Embargoed, Restricted or Metadata-only)
  • Is published (Published, Unpublished)
  • Languages
  • Resource types (nested)
  • Subjects (both plain and nested supported)
  • File type

Similarly for sorting multiple fields are supported:

  • Best match (makes sense with a search query)
  • Newest
  • Oldest
  • Version index
  • Most recently updated
  • Least recently updated
  • Most viewed
  • Most downloaded


Let us know which other facets/sort options you'd like to see out of the box.


Change facets and sort options

To change the default facets, you need to edit your invenio.cfg, and add one or more of the following variables:

  • RDM_SEARCH - Controls facets/sorting on /search and /api/records.
  • RDM_SEARCH_DRAFTS - Controls facets/sorting on /uploads and /api/user/records.
  • RDM_SEARCH_VERSIONING - - Controls facets/sorting on /api/records/:id/versions.

For instance:

    # Supported values: access_status, is_published, language, resource_type,
    # subject, subject_nested, file_type
    "facets": ["access_status", "file_type", "resource_type"],

    # Supported values: bestmatch, newest, oldest, version, updated-desc,
    # updated-asc, mostviewed, mostdownloaded
    "sort": [

Each variable has two keys:

  • facets: The list of facets in the order they are displayed. The name must have been defined in RDM_FACETS (defined in invenio-rdm-records).
  • sort: The list of sort fields. The first element in the list is the default sort option used with a query. The second element is the default sort option used with an empty query. The sort fields must have been defined in RDM_SORT_OPTIONS (defined in invenio-rdm-records).

Defining a new sort option

You can define new sort options yourself for your search interface.

To do this, add the RDM_SORT_OPTIONS to your invenio.cfg.

If you'd like to completely replace the existing sort options, simply override the variable like this:

    "bestmatch": dict(
        title=_('Best match'),
    "newest": dict(

If you'd like to instead just add new options, you'll need to update the existing list like this:

from invenio_rdm_records.config import RDM_SORT_OPTIONS
    "title": dict(

Note, that this only defines a new sort option. You still need to change e.g. RDM_SEARCH to use it.

The sort option is defined by:

  • title - The title displayed in the user interface.
  • fields - The search index fields to perform the sorting on (multiple fields allowed.)