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DOI registration (preview)

Preview feature

DOI registration is preview feature and not suitable for production services due to known issues.


The DOI registration feature requires that you have a contract with DataCite. In addition, you will also need a DataCite test account to test the feature.


Enable DOI registration

You enable the DOI minting feature in your invenio.cfg file:


Credentials and prefix

Before you continue, make sure you first have a DataCite test account.

You need to provide the account credentials and and the DOI prefix for the DataCite repository account in your in invenio.cfg file:

RDM_RECORDS_DOI_DATACITE_PREFIX = "10.1234"  # Your prefix


Never commit or store credentials in a source code repository.

Mode: Test or production

InvenioRDM by default uses the DataCite Test Environment to avoid accidentally registering DOIs during test. In test mode InvenioRDM will use the following DatCite test systems:

  • DOI Fabrica (
  • REST API (

To enable production mode, set the following configuration variable in invenio.cfg:


In production mode, InvenioRDM will use the following DataCite systems:

  • DOI Fabrica (
  • REST API (

Did you know?

You can write your own persistent identifier plugin in InvenioRDM to support other types of persistent identifiers.

Generated DOI

By default, InvenioRDM generates a DOI using the prefix and internal persistent identifier. You can change the generated DOI string by editing your invenio.cfg.

RDM_RECORDS_DOI_DATACITE_FORMAT = "{prefix}/datacite.{id}"


Before branding your DOIs, please read about Cool DOIs and why it might not be a good idea.

Known issues

  • Restricted records: DOIs are registered for all records including restricted records, thus metadata like titles, authors, description and more is sent to DataCite Metadata registry where it is public.

  • Deposit form: The widget in the deposit form have known issues when switching between providing an existing DOI and getting a new DOI. In addition, many errors are not reported properly, and will thus lead to user being confused.

  • Metadata not updated: When you update metadata of a record, the metadata is not updated in the DataCite metadata registry.

  • Synchronous registration: DOIs are registered on the publish step and not as an asynchronous task which can cause long delays of issues if DataCite services are down.

  • Registered landing page: InvenioRDM currently registers the URL /records/<id> as the landing page for the DOI. Instead, it should register /doi/<id> as the landing page which internally in InvenioRDM will perform a redirect. This is to ensure that future URL updates does not require updating large number of DOIs in DataCite.