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Sprintboard Workflow

Intended audience

This guide is intended for maintainers and developers of InvenioRDM itself.


The guide covers how we use the GitHub sprint boards during development.


You'll find the latest board linked from


  • Triage: Issue/PR is not ready to be worked on.
  • Todo: Issue/PR is ready to be worked on.
  • In progress: Issue/PR is being worked on.
  • Blocked: Issue/PR is blocked.
  • Pending review: Issue/PR is ready to be reviewed.
  • In review: Issue/PR is being reviewed, or in progress of being updated from a review.
  • Done: All closed issues and PR.
  • Milestone: Hold the product milestone issue as reference for the goals we are working towards.


The following

  • New issue

    • Move issue to "Triage"
  • Start task:

    • Assign yourself
    • Move issue to "In progress"
  • Finish task:

    • Link PR to issue (don't put PR on board except for small PRs)
    • Move to "Pending review"
    • Unassign yourself from issue or PR (the item that's visible on the board)
  • Start a review:

    • Assign yourself
    • Move to "In review"
    • Reviews guidelines:
      • Use emojis, be polite/considerate/respectful, focus on code, not people.
      • Prefix all comments with:
        • Comment/Doubt/Question
        • Shelved: Open issue to document it.
        • Minor: PR-merge not blocked. Up to developer to decide if review comment should be fixed or not.
        • Moderate/Normal (default): Merge blocked until reviewer confirms it's fixed.
        • Major: Merge blocked. Live discussion needed, and likely involvement of an Invenio architect.
      • Never use "Request changes", only "Comment" or "Approve".
  • Finish review:

    • Comments?
      • Unassign yourself
      • Assign creator
      • Leave in "In review"
    • Approved with comments?
      • Same as above, but developer can merge after fixing.
    • Approved?
      • Approve PR
      • Merge PR and check closes statement
  • Start implement review comments:

    • Assign yourself
    • Leave in "In review"
  • Finish implement review comments:

    • Assign reviewer
    • Leave in "In review"