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Highly scalable

Build on giants

InvenioRDM under the hood relies on strong open source software such as PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch/OpenSearch.

Large file support

InvenioRDM supports uploading and handling TB-sized files and can manage from few MBs to PBs of data as long as your underlying storage cluster supports it.

Any file format/size

InvenioRDM accepts files of any format and any size that your underlying storage infrastructure supports.

Versioning support

Records and files are all versioned and our versioning feature performs automatic de-duplication: when a 10KB file among a 100TB dataset changes, only the new 10KB file is stored.

Multi-storage systems

InvenioRDM allows you to integrate multiple storage systems in the same instance such as S3, XRootD and more.

Deploy anywhere

InvenioRDM is a Python application that you can deploy into your institutional infrastructure whether it is on bare metal, VMs, containers, Kubernetes or OpenShift.


InvenioRDM is going to power with more than 3 million records, 1 peta-byte of data and 15 million visitors/year.