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Users are not a vocabulary per se, but they are loaded in the same fashion, through the application data folder.

This file contains a list of users to create, and is stored in the root of the app_data folder.

└── users.yaml

If the file is provided but it is empty, no default user is created. If the file is not provided, InvenioRDM creates an admin user with email (and a random password).

The content of the file is as follows:

  active: <bool>
  password: <string>
  roles: <array of strings>
  allow: <array of strings>
  • <email> : Email of the user.
  • active : Is the user active or not.
  • password : Their password. If empty, a random one is generated.
  • roles : Array of roles the user has. The roles must already be present in the DB.
  • allow : Array of action needs the user has.

InvenioRDM creates a default admin user with an email; you probably want to change that too. In this section, we outline how to customize the data your instance uses.