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Community pull requests board workflow and guidelines

Intended audience

This guide is intended for contributors, coordinators and developers of InvenioRDM.


This guide covers the recommended way of coordinating community pull requests integration within InvenioRDM. The goal of the project is to respond to the community's need for a facilitated review and integration process of the pull requests which are not part of the main sprint.


You'll find the board here.


  • Coordinator: Person who coordinates the integration process, has an overview of the current pull requests and is in charge of the communication between contributors, reviewers, maintainers, and release manager.
  • Contributor/submitter: Person who contributes by creating pull requests.
  • Reviewer: Person who contributes by reviewing contributors' work.
  • Maintainer: Person who has merging rights in the InvenioRDM repositories, responsible for integrating the pull requests into the product.
  • Release manager: Person in charge of the current main invenio-app-rdm release.


  • Triage: Submitters place the PRs in this column. PR is ready to be prioritised by the coordinator.
  • Work in progress: Changes/suggestions were requested by the reviewers, the submitter is addressing them.
  • To review: PR is ready to be reviewed by the reviewers.
  • Discussion: PR needs to be re-discussed in terms of solutions - e.g., there are different opinions on the implementation.
  • Approved: PR was approved, two reviewers agree on integrating it. Ready to be merged.
  • To release: PR is ready to be released. Maintainers or release manager decides on when it should happen. PRs might be merged or not merged yet.
  • Released/done: Archive of recently integrated PRs - useful for tracking the latest changes and release notes. Column is cleaned by release manager after the major release.


Pull request statuses

In order to understand the state of the PR by the icons displayed in the interface, check this documentation