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Reference Documentation

Intended audience

These guides are intended for advanced users, administrators and developers that already have experience with InvenioRDM.


  • CLI: A reference guide to the commands provided by the Invenio-CLI tool.
  • Configuration: A reference guide for the configuration variables in InvenioRDM.
  • Metadata Reference: A reference guide for the internal metadata schema of bibliographic records in InvenioRDM.
  • OAI-PMH: A reference guide for the OAI-PMH functionality which InvenioRDM exposes.
  • REST API: A reference guide for all the REST APIs that InvenioRDM exposes.
  • Custom fields: A reference guide for the available components for custom metadata fields.
  • Administration: A reference guide for building InvenioRDM Administration views.
  • File storage: A reference guide regarding local vs. remote file storage systems.
  • Usage statistics: A reference guide to the implementation of usage statistics.
  • Export formats: A reference guide for export formats of the InvenioRDM records