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Upgrading from v11 to v12.0.0b1


The steps listed in this article require an existing local installation of InvenioRDM v11, please make sure that this is given!

If unsure, run invenio-cli install from inside the instance directory before executing the listed steps.


Always backup your database and files before you try to perform an upgrade.

Older versions

In case you have an InvenioRDM installation older than v10, you can gradually upgrade using the existing instructions to v10 and afterwards continue from here.

Upgrade Steps

Upgrade your invenio-cli

Make sure you have the latest invenio-cli, for InvenioRDM v12.0.0b1 the release is v1.0.20

$ invenio-cli --version
invenio-cli, version 1.0.20

Virtual environments

In case you are not inside a virtual environment, make sure that you prefix each invenio command with pipenv run.

Local development

Changing the Python version in your development environment highly depends on your setup, and there is no golden rule. One example would be to use PyEnv.

You should delete your virtualenv before running invenio-cli or pipenv commands below.

Risk of losing data

Your virtual env folder contains uploaded files in InvenioRDM, in var/instance/data. If you need to keep such files, make sure you copy them over to the new virtual env in the same location.

Upgrade InvenioRDM

Make sure that your virtual env is now running with Python 3.9.

Upgrade the RDM version:

cd <my-site>
# Upgrade to InvenioRDM v12
invenio-cli packages update 12.0.0b1
pipenv uninstall flask-babelex
# Re-build assets
invenio-cli assets build

Optionally, update the file <my-site>/Pipfile. Attention: this action might lead to installing unwanted pre-releases of other packages.

---invenio-app-rdm = {extras = [...], version = "~=11.0.0"}
+++invenio-app-rdm = {extras = [...], version = "==12.0.0b1"}

allow_prereleases = true

Database migration

Execute the database migration:

# Execute the database migration
invenio alembic upgrade

Declare usage statistics processing queues

invenio queues declare

Update indices mappings

invenio index update communities-communities-v1.0.0
invenio index update rdmrecords-drafts-draft-v5.0.0
invenio index update rdmrecords-records-record-v5.0.0

Data migration

Execute the data migration, note that there is no need to re-index the data:

pipenv run invenio shell $(find $(pipenv --venv)/lib/*/site-packages/invenio_app_rdm -name