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v9.0: migrate to OpenSearch

With the release of InvenioRDM v10, the usage of Elasticsearch v7 is deprecated due to the change of license, and the migration to OpenSearch is highly recommended. The last version of Elasticsearch that can be installed, before the license change, is v7.10.

However, this version of Elasticsearch is affected by the security vulnerability Log4Shell.

Users of InvenioRDM v9 LTS release can seamlessly migrate to OpenSearch v1. The first available version not affected by the Log4Shell security issue is OpenSearch v1.2.1.

After careful analysis on how to enable OpenSearch integration in InvenioRDM v9, we recommend to run OpenSearch in compatibility mode, which will emulate Elasticsearch.

Setup OpenSearch cluster

To set up the new OpenSearch v1 cluster, follow the first step in the InvenioRDM v10 upgrade guide. When following the guide, do not continue to step 2, do not change or upgrade any Python package.

In your new cluster, make sure that you enable the compatibility flag: compatibility.override_main_response_version: true.

    image: opensearchproject/opensearch:1.3.6
      - "compatibility.override_main_response_version=true"

This will instruct the cluster to return version 7.10.2 rather than its actual version, so that it will behave as an Elasticsearch cluster. For more information, see the official documentation.

To ensure that the flag has been taken into account, check the version displayed when you visit http://localhost:9200/:

  "name" : "...",
  "version" : {
    "number" : "7.10.2",
  "tagline" : "The OpenSearch Project:"

For reference, see the OpenSearch 1.0 Backwards Compatibility FAQ.

Check Python dependencies

Make sure that your InvenioRDM v9 uses Elasticsearch Python dependencies:

# invenio-search should be < 2.0.0
$ pipenv run pip show invenio-search
Name: invenio-search
Version: 1.4.2

# elasticsearch should be < 7.14
$ pipenv run pip show elasticsearch
Name: elasticsearch
Version: 7.13.4

The Elasticsearch Python library v7.14 introduces a version check that does not allow to use other clusters than Elasticsearch.

Re-index data

In your new cluster, re-index all data, as described in InvenioRDM v10 upgrade guide:

  1. Re-index data
  2. Complete re-indexing