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Affiliations (ROR)

Affiliations are a specific type of vocabulary, which enables users to find affiliations for their records' creators and contributors. By using a vocabulary the affiliations are deduplicated and can use search as you type style suggesters.

In order to import the ROR affiliations dataset you will need to add the file containing the dataset itself and then enable it in your instance's app_data/vocabularies.yaml file. For example:

  pid-type: aff
    - id: ROR
      name: Research Organization Registry
      uri: ""
      data-file: vocabularies/affiliations_ror.yaml

The affiliations_ror.yaml file can be downloaded from here.

Afterwards you will need to import the affiliations. To do so, run the following command from your instance's folder:

invenio rdm-records fixtures

Loading time

The ROR vocabulary consists of about 100.000 records and with an ingestion speed around 100-200 records/s it usually takes between around 8-15 minutes to load the records.

You can follow the progress via the RabbitMQ management interface on (guest/guest).

Fixtures currently do not support updates

This means that once they are created, modifying the file and re-running the above command will have no effect. So make sure you have the correct configuration before running the fixtures command.