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Subjects are another special type of vocabulary. By default InvenioRDM comes with the OECD FOS list of terms. However, you can add your custom ones like such:


  pid-type: sub
    - id: MYSCHEME
      name: My subject scheme
      uri: ""
      data-file: vocabularies/subjects_my_scheme.yaml


- id: ""
  scheme: MYSCHEME
  subject: "My term 1"
- id: ""
  scheme: MYSCHEME
  subject: "My term 2"

Extensions can also provide subjects. For instance, you can also add MeSH terms via the invenio-subjects-mesh package. This package is provided by Northwestern University, and we hope that more such packages provided by members of the community will become common.

In order to install that extension:

cd /path/to/your/instance
pipenv install invenio-subjects-mesh

You should see the dependency being added to the Pipfile.

Then you need to run the fixtures command and start your instance (if not running already).

invenio rdm-records fixtures
invenio-cli run