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Data citation

InvenioRDM adheres to the best practices for data citation for scholary research data repositories.


InvenioRDM exposes a strong versioned REST API for all operations on the repository, that allows you to build your own integrations on top of InvenioRDM.

Export formats

InvenioRDM supports exporting a record's metadata in multiple formats such as JSON, Citation Style Language JSON, DataCite JSON/XML, and Dublin Core.

OAI-PMH server

InvenioRDM ships with a built OAI-PMH server to allow metadata harvesting of records in your repository.

DataCite-based metadata

InvenioRDMs internal metadata is based on the DataCite Metadata Schema which is a simple yet powerful format for describing nearly any research output (paper, data, software, ...).

DOI registration via DataCite

InvenioRDM can register DOIs with DataCite for all records, and allows you to write plugins for other identifier schemes.

Strong support for persistent identifiers

Authors, affiliations, licenses, related papers/datasets, etc. can all be identified via persistent identifiers such as ORCIDs and RORs.

Metadata-only records

Both records with or without associated files are supported.

Extended Date Time Format (EDTF) support

Publication dates and other dates support the EDTF format for recording imprecise dates and date ranges such as 1939/1945.

Identifier detection and validation

InvenioRDM comes with support for automatic detection and validation for a large number of persistent identifier schemes (i.e. less typing and clicking for end-users).