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How to add JavaScript files

This documentation is targeted to developers who want to add new JavaScript files in InvenioRDM.

In InvenioRDM, JavaScript files are part of bundles, which are basically multiple JavaScript files grouped together. Bundles are discovered in all InvenioRDM modules and built using webpack to optimize them and make them production-ready.


To add new JavaScript files, you will need to create a module or use the site folder of your InvenioRDM instance. The how-to Creating custom code and views guides you on creating a site folder and on adding JavaScript files for specific web pages.

Global JavaScript

The following guide assumes that you have read the previous section and how-to guide, as it references to it.

You might need to add some JavaScript code globally on your website (e.g. web analytics), and not only just executed when visiting a specific web page. The steps are similar to the ones needed to add a JavaScript file for a specific view:

  1. Create a new JavaScript file with your code.
  2. Add the file to the to register the new entry in the bundle and give it a name my-site-global.

The difference now is that instead of adding the new bundle in a specific Jinja template (e.g. support.html), you will need to add it to the global JavaScript files block added in the base Jinja template footer, defined in invenio-theme/page.html.

Create a new template page.html file with its path matching the original Invenio-Theme module's file:

├── site
│   ├── my_site
│   │   ├── templates/semantic-ui/invenio_theme/page.html

Then, override the javascript block, calling super to make sure other global JavaScript files are included:


{% block javascript %}
    {{ super() }}
    {{ webpack['my-site-support.js'] }}
{% endblock %}


You might have already defined your own page.html to customize the global look and feel of your theme: change that file instead of creating a new one.

This guide assumes that you did not change the variable BASE_TEMPLATE: if that's the case, you will have to re-define the template file set in that variable.