If you want to add custom functionality to your RDM instance, you need to develop your own module. You can start in no time by using the cookiecutter-invenio-module template.

Create your module

Let's run the cookiecutter:

cookiecutter https://github.com/inveniosoftware/cookiecutter-invenio-module

Add your functionality

We've added a simple view to the blueprint in <your_custom_module>/views.py, which looks like:

# Other code ignored for clarity

blueprint = Blueprint(

def index():
    """RDM Extension Demo view."""
    return 'RDM Extension Demo!'

Integrate it in your InvenioRDM instance

Once you have your functionality ready, in order to add it to your instance you just have to install the module via pipenv:

cd path/to/your/instance
invenio-cli packages install path/to/your/extension

Sanity check and run!

Check that the Pipfile got a new line with your extension. For example:


invenio-rdm-extension-demo = {editable = true, path="../invenio-rdm-ext-demo"}

It's all set, run your instance with the cli and you will have your new features available!

invenio-cli run

UI related extensions

If your extension adds scss and/or javascript, you will need to update your final static files before running your instance! You can do so with the CLI: invenio-cli assets update --development --force