Cleanup after you

Stop the instance

We have reached the end of this journey, we are going to stop the instance. This will NOT destroy images, containers or volumes i.e. your data will be preserved.

Stopping server and worker...
Server and worker stopped...

If you wish to stop the service containers without destroying them nor wiping their content, use the stop command:

invenio-cli services stop

Destroy the instance

If you want to get to a clean state with no images, containers or volumes, then destroy the instance. This WILL permanently erase your volume data (database and Elasticsearch indices). It destroys the images, containers and volumes defined in the development-instance/docker-compose.full.yml.

After stopping the application per above, destroy it:

invenio-cli services destroy

If you also want to destroy a pipenv managed virtual environment along with the containers you can use the global destroy command:

invenio-cli destroy