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Change the record landing page

When you click on a search result, you navigate to the details page of a specific record, often called the record landing page. This section shows you how to change this page.

For now, we support overriding the pre-existing templates by placing customized ones with same filepath in the templates/ folder.

To override the record landing page, add the following folders and file in your templates/ folder: semantic-ui/invenio_app_rdm/records/detail.html. Edit this file as you see fit:

{%- extends config.BASE_TEMPLATE %}

{%- block head_title %}
  <title>My Customized title!</title>
{%- endblock head_title %}

You can check the default record landing page template here for inspiration. By creating a file with the same path as that one relative to the templates/ folder, our file is chosen over the default one.

Change other pages

The same pattern applies for any page. Copy the filepath relative to templates/semantic-ui/ in invenio-app-rdm into your instance's templates/ folder. This way your file is chosen rather than the default one. For example, having templates/invenio_app_rdm/records/export.html in your instance, will make that template be used for generating the export page html.